Lesson Plan: Kamtza and Bar Kamtza

This lesson gives students some background what the Rabbi's saw as being the cause of the destruction of the second temple. Sparks of Eternity does not go into any background about the why this misfortune happened, so this may be an important text to bring to students either before, during or after playing the game. The...
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Lesson Plan: Jewish history and the Oral tradition

This lesson is designed to help students understand the particular time in history this game takes place in. I found that my students sense of history is rather confused - many could not confidently say whether the miracles of Purim happened before those of chanukah. It was also important for my students to know how...
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Jewish Gaming – Why are we doing this?

This is part of excerpt written for the Lookstein center's Jewish Educational Leadership journal: Education is not a game, nor is being Jewish in the 21st Century. The foundation of our ennobling religion demands that we make every effort to make our texts and traditions relevant to a generation saturated with media mediocrity and ephemeral triviality. Our...
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Gittin 56a – The famine begins/the story of Martha.

 This text is not in the game but gives useful insight into the impact and severity of the siege.
Talmud Bavli Gittin 56a - The famine begins/the story of Martha.

מרתא בת בייתוס עתירתא דירושלים הויא, שדרתה לשלוחה ואמרה ליה: זיל אייתי לי סמידא. אדאזל איזדבן, אתא אמר לה: סמידא ליכא, חיורתא איכא, אמרה ליה: זיל אייתי לי. אדאזל איזדבן, אתא ואמר לה: חיורתא...

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