Sparks of Eternity – overview

Sparks of Eternity is a narrative based game that allows multiple entrance points for students to learn more deeply about the time period of the second temple, key Rabbinic figures, national dilemmas, and the oral Torah.

The game play is based around a talmid (student) who needs to help Rabban Yochanan ben Zakkai escape Jerusalem. The city is besieged by Romans on the outside, but being held captive by biryonim (zealots) on the inside. The player has to complete quests in order to arrange for Rabban Yochanan ben Zakkai to escape and meet General Vespasian.

Simultaneously the talmid needs to collect pieces of the Oral Torah, concerning the correct time for the recital of the evening Shema, from the Rabbis of the time.

As the player completes quests and discovers people, places and words, they get ‘spark’ points so the player knows how well they are doing.

There are teacher resources available that include the texts that narrative is based on. Click here to access them (you need to be registered to view them – registration is free)

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