Kerem bYavneh

After the positive feedback about Sparks of Eternity we set about making a sequel. We continued to dream about what a Jewish game could like that is steeped in Jewish text and enhance learning. The next natural step was to continue the story of where Sparks left off – the destruction of the 2nd Temple, and Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai’s request to save Yavneh.

Our sequel, Kerem b’Yavneh (a vineyard in Yavneh) is named after the Sages of Yavneh, who in the Beit Midrash learned in rows, just like a vineyard. It is groundbreaking in that it combines game playing mechanics with classroom pedagogy.

  • Teachers can introduce their own ‘quests’ into the game. (i.e. learn this Mishnah on Peah, Pesach, Sukkot etc).
  • Teachers can push our rewards to students in the game.
  • The teacher can edit the quizzing component of the game. Use the standard questions or create new ones based on your class learning.
  • Incorporates built in quizes based on the history and Sages of that time. Learn with the old new student Akiva (Rabbi Akiva), celebrate Rabban Gamliel being made Nasi, and help provide the new benches when Rabban Gamliel was deposed and Rabbi Elazar was appointed the new Nasi.
  • Live a virtual Jewish life celebrating the various festivals.

The player is tasked with building a homestead living a fully Jewish life. They will have to plant, grow, and sell their crops and produce in order to live and earn money so they can buy items to celebrate the festivals and contribute to the Yavneh community.

To play the game please to our Kerem b’Yavneh download page.