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Lesson Plan: The Jewish Factions

This lesson lets students explore the motivations of the Rabbinic and Biryonim factions that were in Jerusalem. What were their motivations? Why did the Biryonim burn the store houses? This lesson could lead to a serious discussion about modern day Israel and sovereignty in the land of Israel. [su_document url="" width="800" height="1400"] Read more

Making Gezerot for the Torah

A big question that the Sages raise is 'When is it appropriate to make a gezerah?' These texts explore that issue. Do the Sages trust people? Can people be trusted? How much do we need to protected, or be held accountable for our failings? These texts lend themselves to these questions. This text does appear in...
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Rabban Yochanan leaves Jerusalem

Rabban Yochanan leaves Jerusalem

Talmud Bavli Masechet Gittin 56a-b

תלמוד בבלי מסכת גיטין דף נו עמוד א

אבא סקרא ריש בריוני דירושלים...

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Mishnah Brachot 1:1 with Baraitot

These texts form the core of the text part of the game. The game can be played without these texts, but the game is really an expression of these texts and a way for students to see the opinions come alive. The texts can be introduced at any time, and depending on the skill level...
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